‘Non-linear Community’ Process

To provoke the complex scale of community, as a practice in criticism and celebration.

Project Brief and Final Videos

For the final project for James Grady’s Motion Graphics elective at Boston University, we had to create a vignette series of three video clips (30–45 seconds) exploring non-linear narratives based on a vision of community.

  1. Create three 30–45 second videos
  2. Videos must intentionally loop
  3. Square format 1080x1080
  4. Stay away from stock footage — use video you have captured and/or animated in After Effects
  5. Videos will be posted to shared Instagram page @bu_gd_576


The words I were drawn to were colony, neighborhood, and association.

Crafting the words together!


From there, I started focusing on how to animate an inkblot. I looked into tutorials, but they weren’t quite right for my purposes because the motion felt choppy and one-dimensional.

May 1999. Here for what’s been done and what’s to come. jay-li.org

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