Chinwe&Jay4SeniorStudio: A Condensed Oral History

The Scene

A painted cardboard panel with the words ‘ur watching me’
Sep. 15, 2020
Oct. 15, 2020

Part 1: A Final Stretch

Jay: So we’re hitting the 2AM mark, just before everything feels doomy. I told Chinwe, “it’s not tomorrow until we sleep, right?” Anyways, Chinwe’s videoing Curtis, and she says something along the lines of how when she thinks she’s right, she doesn’t look back until she changes her mind. I think honestly that’s the mentality that pushed our partnership toward the finish.

Part 2: Google-Doc Land

Invision Freehand: a first stage necessary for beginning to pick a connecting force for the content

Part 3: Head Spaces

Jay: So when Chinwe gets super excited, she hits me, like SLAPS me across the chest, to let me know what’s up. So then I know we hit the same stride on some ideas, but definitely sometimes I’d be zoning out and need her to help me visualize her thoughts.

Jay’s early iterations

Part 4: Tomes with 2-Inch Spines

Chinwe: Why did we want to do a big book? We both thought that thick book equaled sexy, but it also had a purpose. Since our idea had so many aspects, it was cool to see it talked about it a bunch.

Part 5: Bus

Chinwe: Yes, we could have done a Google Drive or some other cloud-based application to handle Jay and I making a 480-page book together in one InDesign document. But we needed to follow 80 pages a day and we are both known to be not the best when it comes to work ethic. So we decided to have the physical USB stick, that each person would hold and then deliver to the other the next day.



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