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A semester in review, with a peek at some thesis project ideas.

I’m almost done with Fall 2020 Senior Studio, cosigned with a fat dose of group projects. A disclaimer: for me, it was collaboration in all the best ways. …

Is inspiration research? Do we sacrifice process for progress? Where style is king, can designers also tap into the past to make new?


For this research project, I was inspired primarily by Leland Maschmeyer’s 2020 Insights Design lecture at the Walker Art Center, just before COVID-19 really hit the States.

I really appreciated the meta-conceptual approach on patterns in terms of culture and behavior as well as a personal absorption and adaptation…

A PizzaKucha. The word ‘data’, a whole lotta times. Authorship, impact, process, and delivery (not pizza). An honest peek into 7 weeks of designing, together ✺

Written collaboratively with Chinwe Oparaji.

The Scene

The year is, well, this one. …

To provoke the complex scale of community, as a practice in criticism and celebration.

Project Brief and Final Videos

For the final project for James Grady’s Motion Graphics elective at Boston University, we had to create a vignette series of three video clips (30–45 seconds) exploring non-linear narratives based on a vision of community.


A process and final result for interpreting a vignette of Gertrude Stein’s ‘Tender Buttons’

Introduction & Project Brief

The second project for James Grady’s Spring 2020 Motion Graphics elective is ‘Tender Buttons’.

From the project brief:

Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein is considered one of the most innovative pieces of Modernist writing. Published in…

Explode expressed in 33 1/3 seconds, explained in 3 minutes

The first project for James Grady’s Spring 2020 Motion Graphics elective is ‘1 Word, 1000 Pictures’. …

How does a hungry student arrive at a manifesto for great design, by procrastinating with a cooking documentary? Fans of ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’, kerning, and poor time management, rejoice.

I think it’s important that, like good wine, a design has a lingering flavour.

— Karel Martens

TLDR: The lead-up to 6 minutes of unhinged Martha Stewart & Snoop energy.

7 o’clock orange shimmering a warning from the late March dawn, New England whispering a morning chill. …

you came from a flower!
and how could you not know?
if you were once a nectarine pit
and grew into a full-fledged
smooth skinned stone fruit,
you should realize

you came from a flower!
unfurled petals of a bloomed tree,
you swooned me — a bumbling boy
embellished by black fuzz and…

Jay Li

May 1999. Here for what’s been done and what’s to come.

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